Monday, June 30, 2008

Colourful Bear No. 2

Colourful Bear number two, my very first attempt at bear making. Colourful number one was my youngest son's best bear for a lot of years.

Olivia's Floor Cushion

This is what Olivia was testing. It was supposed to be a small cushion, when I printed out the pattern from the computer somehow it bacame very large. Must have been meant to happpen.

Olivia loves it.

Trying it out

Olivia trying out her floor cushion

All Things Bloom with Love

I think that I have nearly caught up with all the project that I have made that I kept photos of.

All things Bloom with love had the front completed last year, and I have finally finished it.

Quilting is not something that I am terribly keen on.

Patchwork Panache

This is a pattern called "Patchwork Panache" from Block Central .com It is huge, King size, it went to my oldest son

Bolster Cushion

Another Christmas pressent, this time for my son and his family

Fruit Bowl Wall Hanging

A Christmas Present for my oldest Daughter, gosh there were a lot of grapes in this one

Any Mail?

There is a young girl who lives in my street and loves chooks and looking in mail boxes, so this one was for her. It was again out of a magazine, and was just a wall hanging, to make it more interesting I added pockets on the bottom of it for the mail.

Blue Stained Glass

I love the colour blue, so when I found this pattern because it was blue I had to make it. It lives in my lounge room.

Roses Roses

Oops another one in side ways, this is called "roses roses"

Purple Passion 2

I liked the pattern so much I did it twice, this one is for a queen sized bed, I added the middle section to make it bigger and rearranged the other blocks. This one has gone to Tasmania to be loved there.

Purple Passion

This was a quilt that i just had to make.

I call it "Purple Passion" it was from APQ

Red Storm at Sea

Red Storm at Sea was something that I had to make after I saw one made in greens in a magazine, it was just a picture, it took me ages to find out what the pattern was. I even tried to draw this one before I got EQ6.

Olivia's Big Girl Quilt

And of course Olivia needed a big girl quilt as well, she will eventually also get a matching pillow case. (This is on my "To Do" List)

Teddy Cot Quilt for Olivia

Of course Olivia needed her own quilt (or two)


My Granddaughter Olivia, came along in January 2007, she is so cute, I have a permanent smile on my face when I see her photos.

Pin cushion Swap

A reversible Pin Cushion. I found this pattern on the web. It is very easy to make, the hardest bit was putting the bias binding on.

Bag Swap

Another swap, this one was for a bag, I swapped with Bucknchooky, this is the bag I made for her. I saw something similar in a magazine and sort of made my own pattern. In return I got a lovely bag, I was going to describe it, but a picture speaks a lot louder than words, so here it is.
Thank you Allison I love it.

Kitchen theme swap

I have been in a few swaps since becoming a member of the Craft Magazine online forum, Here is a wall hanging I made for Purpled2, it was a kitchen theme, so I figured that Honey was definitely found in the kitchen. Ok so I am not terribly original.

Table Runner

A table runner that I made for a Christmas present, very easy to make except for the binding, I had an awful time getting round the ninety degree turns, it just would not fold in flat like I wanted it to. Luckily it can't be seen in the picture


This is my wonderful Grandson Samuel, he is now 3 years old and knows everything.
Note the skirt on my Daughter in the back ground, it was all scraps of blue fabric.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Scrap quilt

Scrap is the name of this one, I sort of made it up as I went, This one made a home for itself with my cousin in Germany

Dragons at Play

In August 2006 I visited the Canberra Quilt show, I purchased this pattern called "Dragons at Play". The dragons were all supposed to be green, I couldn't handle that so they became multi coloured.

Fresh is the Bloom

This is a quilt I really love, the colour are all lovely

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sewing Folder

And the quilts continue, I have so many that I want to do that by the time I finish one, the next one is already half done, so far I have not mixed up any bits ( crossed the fingers here. This is a little case I made to carry the work in progress around in. It is also the first time I tried hand quilting. I am not convinced it is for me

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stack and Whack quilts

Thougth I should add a few more stack n whack pictures

Old Jeans

During all the stack and whacks I also started to work with denim. I am a collecter, so all the old jeans that were past their use by dates, I kept for just in case, I watched a TV show "Simply Quilts" where they were making denim quilts. The quilt turned out really well, though my hand from cutting the edges was sore for weeks afterwards.
the denim quilt was cut out by hand, mainly because at the time my rotary cutter was a bit blunt, and I did not have any new blades. I even purchased a few pair of jeans to add extra colour. The squares were big and small and I put a little bit of applique in as well. It has raw edges, that are snipped evry half inch or so so that it frays when washed.
When it was finished I put it through my washing machine twice and then just hung it out to dry, it is recommended that it be dried in a clothes dry, but I don't have one of these so sunshine did the trick.
When it was dry I had so many fluffy bits attached to it that I ran the vaccuum over it. Worked well

Stack and Whack

September 2006
I attendend a two day patchwork class. I ended up making 13 stack and whack quilts and also one doona cover for my mum.

A Country Garden

On the 17th August 2006 I finshed " A Country Garden" from Patchwork and Quilting magazine.
Did I mention that I love to do applique.

Roglo My Little/Big Brothers quilt

My Little Big bother came for Christmasin 2005 and him and his wife also requested (actually they begged a bit) a quilt. My Brother is a tall man so it had to be King size, I found a pattern that I liked and added to it. The original pattern was by a lady named Vicki Good.

The Family quilts

By this time my Hearts and Butterflies had found a home with my neice, and of course her younger brothers wanted something as well.

My nephew (6yrs old) was very explicit, he wanted something with soccer balls and dinosaurs.

This one I designed myself, The dinosaurs are a simplified version of "the Land before time" movies. If you look closely each Dinosaur has its own soccer ball. I even put smaller dinosaurs on the back. He loves it.

The next nephew got one as well, he was just 2years old at the time so he might need a bigger boy one soon.

A Patch of Blue

By this time I was addicted to Appique with vliesofix, (I still am) and made quite a few more quilts which I forgot to photograph, ( I still slap myself on the wrist for this) My mother in law got a lovely blue one, which I had made in single size, and because she has a double bed it was just too small, so we added a skirt. I must admit I was not too impressed by the skirt, but she likes it so thats the main thing.

Samuels Funny Farm

Then along came my Grandson and I made a quilt for him.

I found this pattern in one of the magazines from my library, unfortuanately I cannot recall which one. The quilt is called " Funny Farm" I loved the cat with the long curling tail and have used that a few more times.

Hearts and Butterflies

Oops that went in upside down, this is my Hearts and Butterflies Quilt.

My first attempt at rotary cutting. I used polyester wading and did a lot of unsewing.

Quilting Mags

A year or so on I discovered the Quilting magazine section in my local library. I think I kept the library open for a while here, there where so many wonderful patterns available. About this time I had my 50th Birthday, and all my relatives put in a bit of money to buy me a new sewing machine ( I bought my first machine in 1974, it was one of the things that travelled with me where ever I went. I have since passed it onto my oldest daughter and it is now travelling with her.)
My new machine was a small Janome, I also got a cutting mat and rotary cutter. From then on I have not stopped.

Now-a-days borrowing the Magazines from the library is just not good enough because I have to take them back

More Fleecy Fabric

I have still not run out of bits of fleecy.

Fleecy Fabric Stuff

I made heaps more things using those same sort of scraps, ( I really can't bring myself to throw things away, never know when they may be useful)

There were heaps of cushions, four bean bags, two more single bed quilts and a big floor cushion

Stuff I have made over the years

When I first started quilting I didn't even know that I was....... about twenty odd years ago, when my hubby and I were poor and cold I made a quilt for our bed out of scraps of fleecy fabric, it was double sided and just small and large squares, because most of the fabric had been previously loved I used the inside of the fabric as the outside. It kept us toasty warm for many years.

In 2002 my son got married and I purchased a patchwork quilt ready made from the Hall markets near Canberra as a wedding gift. When the present opening ceremony was taking place, some one asked me why I hadn't made the quilt myself. That was the moment the real quilting bug hit me.

My first project was to again use left over fleecy, new this time, my sister in law gave me heaps of off cuts. I cut all the bigger bits into squares (with scissors) and sewed up a blanket for travelling on the coach at night. I was off to a Melbourne shopping trip at the time. Of course there were a lot more bits left over. So this is what I made of those

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stitcheries an Applique swap 2007

Last year I participated in a swap of stitchery and applique. This is my finished quilt. I am very pleased with it.

This is one of the blocks that I made to swap. I used the same pattern for each person I swapped with just varied the colours.

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