Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What a mess

Today I finished quilting the last of the 9 quilts that were in the line up, and since then I have taken down the frame and returned my bedroom to a bedroom. But out here where I sit and sew and play on the "Puter" it is a grand old mess.

Starting with my desk, which is also my cutting table, I have a pile of papers that need to be sorted into recycling and keeping, under that is my current pink scrap quilt spread out ready to be joined, and then on top of that I have plonked the Janome 1600 so I can clean it before I put it away. Beside that I have a box full of thread and bobbins also looking to be put away, then a tray of pins that my DD designed into a beautiful yellow flower ( which she says I am not allowed to deconstruct) and then there is a pile of books that are to go to Vinnies.

Beside me is the ironing board, with a pile of ironed green scraps on it that will be the joining bits for the QAYG pink quilt, and beside that is yesterdays finished quilt, that my DS has claimed as his.
This quilt needs binding and then I will take a photo.

Today's finished quilt is behind me on my horn cabinet sort of covering the sewing machine. behind that is the rest of the pile of green bits, that were also ironed, but now need doing again.


And tomorrow it is the Dentist..........sigh some more

My Lovely DD said I should add a photo here, so here it is.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Row by Row 2010

Last year Cheryl and I did a monthly Row by Row, I have finally quilted it and made it into a single doona cover.

I have finally done it.

I have had EQ6 and now EQ7 for quite a while, I play with it pretty much daily, but have never totally designed a quilt on it and made it, I have made portions and then made the quilt and then drawn it in EQ but never in the right direction until now.

So here is my original design.

And here is the quilt. The colours are not exact, but it is all there.

Wonder if this means I am now a designer.
(Of Sorts) LOL I am quite proud of myself, and the quilt looks really good in real life, The photography could be better (Robyn) but there was too much shade on the clothes line with the sun behind me.

This is my "Man Quilt" Not sure which "Man" it will go to yet.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Whats Happening here now

My oldest Daughter is having a baby, and I wanted to make a floor quilt for our newest addition. So...... as we know the baby is a girl, pink it is. I got out my pink scrap bag and here is the result, the nine centre blocks are Crazy Patchwork, the outer rows are just on the diagonal. Each block at the moment is 7" square, I will trim them all down to 6 1/2.

The big question at the moment is what colour to join them all with, I have audition brown and blue, but I am still not sure which it should be if either.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


When I finished making the bag below, I decided then and there to make one for me, but in my colours, ( in other words in Blue), So off I went to my fat quarters draw, and .........the rotten mice had got into it and had a party.

I was so upset, anyway to make a long story short 4 days later they are all washed and ironed again. I haven't been game to put them back in the drawers, so they are all sitting on the desk here looking at me.

Photo is of them all on the clothes line.

Needless to say I have not made or even started to make the bag yet.

Another Bag

I have been making another Bag for Craft Quarters . This was such a fun little bag to make. I am pretty sure that I will make myself one of these soon.

The Bag is called Dilly-Dally Daisy and is designed by Sally Giblin.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Still in a slump but.....

I just have no inspiration at the moment, and no inclination to do any sewing either. But I have managed to finish my bed runner/ table runner and get it quilted. The photo is a little washed out for some reason (must be the photographers fault) and I have also done a close up of the sashing, I discovered a use for all those fancy stitches on my machine. I sew the sashing to the back of the quilt and then stitch on the front.

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