Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A couple more done

I really am not doing these at an amazing rate, they have been "Mostly" done for a while, just finishing them off. 

This is one of my supervisors, obviously asleep on the job, the block is 9 1/2 inches so you can see how big Ollie is.

My first ever usable quilt.

I just found a photo I took of my first usable quilt.
This  is now a rag, but I have it on an old lounge and the youngest poodle thinks it is a fine place to chew here bones so it need a wash (fell apart a bit more with that).
Here is a photo of it slung across the clothes line, it was too heavy to hang properly, so I let it dry a bit first and then rearranged it.
It was made out of used (second hand) fleecy fabric, I put the fleecy part on the outside. double sided and fitted our queen size bed. It kept us warm for many years. There was no quilting, just two sides sewn together, lol this was before I knew what quilting actually was though, this was to keep warm.


I just realized that I haven't been in here for ages, so much has happened in the last few months, my Mum passed away after a few years with dementia, a release for her, and my husband also passed away after being bedridden with Multiple Sclerosis for a lot of years, also a release for him, but a terrible shock for the rest of us.

I am not writing this to get sympathy, just so that "I" know in future what was happening, I do this blog so I can keep track of what I am up to, and also to show my on line friends.

So on that note I will just put up lots of photos of what I have been doing, sewing was a reprieve in the middle of everything else.

 A red and white block.

 A bag which I found in bits in an op shop, all the pattern and pieces where there, just had to be put together.

 Another red and white block, this one was supposed to be a boat, but I don't want boats on my quilt so I made a patched heart instead.

 This will be a table runner, it may still get a little larger, still thinking on that, it is made from strips that are then cut to make the shapes, unfortunately I can't remember where I saw it being  shown. I think it was a u-tube.

 My latest stripy quilt.
 My newest friend.

More red and white

 A book for Penny that can't get ripped up.

And the lone star that took a long time to talk myself into trying, and after all the talking was not that hard to do.

Now there is sure to be more that I have not put up, but it will wait, today I am doing yet more red and white blocks from the Just take 2 BOM.

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