Friday, June 26, 2009

Seeing Double

Seeing double and sewing double, Two cot quilts finished except for names and some sort of applique on the back, now we wait for them to arrive.
Oh its exciting!
This is my own pattern, and again I was using left over bits from other projects. I needed to make them for either boy or girl, so a bit of every colour went into each. They turned out a little smaller than I would have liked, but other than to attach more borders there was little I could do as I had already quilted them.

It was also my first time at free motion quilting, could have been better, but they will hold together. I have added a close up photo as well, Anyway the main thing is that I am pretty happy with them.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stack and Wack Sampler finished

And here it is finished and quilted, I am very proud of myself, normally the top gets done and then it is stashed, for months and months till I decide that I need to quilt one before I start on the next.
This little lap quilt has already headed off to its new home. Should nearly be there.

Friday, June 12, 2009

One of my current projects

A few weeks ago I was given a half metre of fabric (thanks Cheryl) and I just had to make something out of it so now it is Stacked and Wacked, it is not finished, needs a broder or two, and I have a little of the yellow left, so I am thinking that yellow and green combined and then maybe a red one or visa versa.


This is Sebastion Snail.

He is from a pattern from Homespun (No 69), He has a few modifications, I really can't use the pattern exactly as they say, but he is basically the same. He is for my Granddaughter when she becomes a sister. The photo is not terrific, but then I am not a photographer, lol I would rather sew!

I love Scraps

I found a few things that I had photographed so put in here and of course totally forgot. So here is the first, the scrap braid quilt, which is done and waiting for a home.

This quilt had a previous life, I made it up and hated it so pulled it all apart
and started again, it looked like this to start with. I was all wrong, all the Bias from the scraps pulled out of shape, and I did not realise until I had it all together. Still it was a learning curve, and I am sure that I learnt something even if it is only to double and triple check before I sew.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the block I made for myself on the BOM for June

Friday, June 5, 2009

Meet Judy

Meet Judy

Spinning Wheel

Look what I inherited yesterday, my mum does not want it any more so she told me to sell it. I am not into spinning, so atm it is sitting on my desk looking down at me while I type. I put it outside on the concrete to take a photo and Ollie had to come and check it out, he sniffed every side of it. Mum has had this wheel since 1985, It was made for her by a local craftsman.

One less to be quilted

Here is my latest, this is from the 2008 Sampler Block Swap, I made a second block for everyone that I made and ended up with 18, so two more and I have a 5 by 4 block quilt. I am happy with it, it all went together fairly easily, and whats even better I got staright in a nd quilted it instead of pondering about if for weeks or months.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Something for myself

Just for a change I decided that I would make something for myself.
In a previous edition of "Homespun" there was this glorious quilt with just heaps and heaps of applique on it in the shape of a lollypop tree, well I did not want to go to that extreme before I knew what it would look like in real life, so I copied just some of the applique and sort of went from there. The middle just happened, I fished out a square of white, and beside making it square just added the blue and kept going from there. It is really good to make it up as I go, cos then it is my mistake when/if I make it. So other than copying the flowers you could say this was my design.

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