Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What I have done over the long weekend.

A while ago while I was blogging I came across a blog (unfortunately I can't remember whose it was) with a quilt for kids on it. This is an orgainisation in the states that supplies fabric to quilters to make up for children in hospital that are there for long periods. I sent them an email and because I am in Australia they would not send the fabric to me. So........ I got onto my other lovely daughter who is living in the states at the moment and she got the fabric sent to her and then sent it on to me. Last week I got an enormous parcel in the mail. (I am still happy dancing about it). In it was the fabric for the quilt plus lots more.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

1830's quilts

I am not even sure if I have not loaded the two of these up before, but here they are again, Thanks to Barb Graham for the pattern. These are for my sister in law.

More Swaps

Anearly completed placemat for Petunia and the grandmothers fan, the one on the right is the one I made for myself

My Beautiful Granddaughters

These lovely little ladies are my granddaughters Lucy, Olivia and Lilly

Fat quarters

This is my Buzz Saw quilt. My lovely daughter organized for me to get 14 different fat quarters and my neighbour gave me heaps of calico, this is what became of it

where has the time gone

well it seems to be over a month since I was here last, what have I been doing? I guess if I don't know nobody does. I will try and get it all in the right order.

First that row by row again

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