Thursday, November 18, 2010

This is a lovely bag I made for Craft Quarters The bag is made with charm squares. Looks great. It has two Zippers (these are not my favourite thing to put in)

Sunday, November 7, 2010


These two aprons I found in my local vinnies store, I would like to find a new home for them, so I will give them away to whomever wants them the most. They will go to two seperate people.

And this is my Granddaughters apron for her school work. I made it double sided.

Nearly Done

My lovely granddaughters are all getting the same outfit for Christmas

I loved the shopping bag I did for a swap so much I decided to make some more, this is the first, it too will go to someone for Christmas.

This is the bag I made for the "Decorate a Shopping Bag Swap" this went to Liz, (Mum of Six)


On top of all that I have been knitting more socks, and more socks, I will not put up any pictures of them, because they are only socks. I have finished with those for the time being and have now started on a pair of Norwegian House slippers, one is done and it is huge, the other is half way, these need to be felted once they are both done. I have never tried this before.

More stuff

This is a lap quilt that is also waiting for quilting, it cost me a whole $2, I found the fabric at Vinnies, I does have a couple more borders, but I dont seem to have taken a photo of it with those on.

Bom blocks

The Row by Row that I am doing from the internet this year, one row to go. Click here to see the patterns.

My Medallion from last years swap.

The other bag that was thrust upon me.

A swirly dress for my granddaughter Olivia, she will get this for Christmas
And this is a cover for a sewing machine, I made this for a friends birthday.

What I have done since my last post.

Can can, I love this one.

Table runner for Lynette B, also a swap.
This one was thrust upon me, not my choice of colour or fabric, But it turned out well, was made for a cousin.

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