Thursday, June 19, 2008

Old Jeans

During all the stack and whacks I also started to work with denim. I am a collecter, so all the old jeans that were past their use by dates, I kept for just in case, I watched a TV show "Simply Quilts" where they were making denim quilts. The quilt turned out really well, though my hand from cutting the edges was sore for weeks afterwards.
the denim quilt was cut out by hand, mainly because at the time my rotary cutter was a bit blunt, and I did not have any new blades. I even purchased a few pair of jeans to add extra colour. The squares were big and small and I put a little bit of applique in as well. It has raw edges, that are snipped evry half inch or so so that it frays when washed.
When it was finished I put it through my washing machine twice and then just hung it out to dry, it is recommended that it be dried in a clothes dry, but I don't have one of these so sunshine did the trick.
When it was dry I had so many fluffy bits attached to it that I ran the vaccuum over it. Worked well

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