Thursday, March 25, 2010

Row by Row

This is the March row. It is a Shamrock

Placemat number three

The top two photos are the of the placemat I made for Gail, I made this double sided.

The bototm photo is of the placemat I received from Petunia ( Barb) she did an amazing job, I absolutely love this one.

What to do now

I haven't posted in here for ages, and it is not because I haven't been doing anything, it is just that nothing is finished, I have started four different quilts since February, one is ready to quilt, one still needs "something" (not sure what yet) and at the moment I'm working on a big bed quilt for each of the twins.
I am also occasionally going and doing a few rows on the quilting frame, I was there just a little while ago and going great, when the light on the machine flickered, went out, came back and died. Now the machine will not go at all. Why oh why have they included the light in the circuit to make the machine go (I hope this is all that is wrong with it) the globe is a tiny little thing that I will have to buy a replacement for, not the least bit like the spare globe I have for my other machine. Darn!!!! Why does this always happen when I am going good.

About Me

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I am a mum of five and a grandma to eight, Four boys and four girls. I live with my Husband and the two youngest children, and four poodles. We reside in a tiny town near the Snowy Mountains in NSW My Passion is creating, the only time I am not is when it gets too hot and then I am just listless. I usually have far to many projects going at once, because there is always one more that catches my eye.