Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Nice Feeling.

Today is my neighbours Birthday, and he is such a kind good neighbour, the type everyone wants. (I am so lucky) As some of you may know my husband has MS, and is pretty much bedridden, so anything that needs doing is up to me or my son. So when there is something that we cannot handle on our own, my neighbour comes and gives a hand. I could tell you to handfuls of things that he has helped me with, for no payment what so ever. So today I thought I will give him one of my quilts. He was so happy with it, and I am happy it has found a home. It has also gained a name, "Brian's Quilt"

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Toni's Christmas pressie for 2009.

The DD and I

My Daughter Toni and I decided between us to make a table runner for each other. The one I made for toni is called Earth wind and Water and c an be found here.

Scottie the dog.

I ran out of vliesofix so had nothing to do while watching TV. (it was awful) So I decided as I have two granchildren with Birthdays this month to make them each a dooggy, Olivia loves hers, she thinks its a horsey though. Samuel got a denim one. If you like him I found him here

Sunday, January 10, 2010


For Months now I have had a nine patch hanging on the curtains near my machine, waiting for inspiration to hit. The last photo is what it originally looked like, followed by what it became. somehow I got the photos in in the reverse order.
It is going to be a doona cover, I will put some thin on the back, probably sheeting, quilt it and then add another backing to make it into a doona cover, It WILL fit my bed

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