Thursday, November 26, 2009


Earlier this year I started a quilt from Homespun Magazine, I really loved the first block, but as I went along I realised that there were just too many facial features in it for me, I can never seem to get them to actually look like they are real. So I gave up (naughty I know) But rather than have what I had already done sit in the corner for ever I decided to put it together, this is the outcome, I have called it "Friends" I am fairly happy with it and it will go to my best Friend from my school days.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Those Sheep again

Here are those sheep once again, I do like them, (can you tell) this went to my oldest granddaughter cos she loves sheep, she saw the ones on the mug cosy and Grandma just couldn't help herself.

Medallion round robin

In January of this year I joined a Medallion round robin, I sent off this.

In the mean time I work on 10 other quilts, they were all gorgeous and individual.

In my mail box today I received my finished quilt.

I want to thank all the participants
Border 1 Chegre
Border 2 Quilt'nsandy
Border 3 Suziewong
Border 4 Joyful Heart
Border 5 Judes Stuff
Border 6 Mrs Moo
Border 7 Trishj
Border 8 Patchworkdownunder
Border 9 Piecemaker
Border 10 Scootinelly

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Foot stool


In bed Friday night I had this beaut idea that just would not go away. A few weeks ago, I took my DMIL shopping and what she was looking for was a poufe, pronounced with an "a" on the end not like the girl in the shop said "poof". Anyway we could not find one at all, and now with her two broken legs she probably needs it more than ever. So this is what I made, I must admit I already had some of the CQ done. It works.
I have filled it with bean bag beans, it is light weight but still solid enough to support feet and legs.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


I am not sure if it is noticeable in the photo or not, but I have been practicing with the quilting, if you look very carefully I have signed this

They are all done!

Since my quilting frame took up residence here I have been trying to get all those tops done. Well they are, finished the last one just now. The one on the left is the latest Stack n wack, I think this one turned out really well, it was a lot of fiddling and counting to get the circles to line up where I wanted them to go.
The right one is call "Celebrate the Harvest" and was a project in Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine.

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