Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Still stitchin'

First of all an update on the floor quilt for the new baby, I have all the rows sewn together and three out of the five have the back binding sewn down. At this point I ask myself is it worth not having to quilt it afterwards when I have to sew all those little half inch strips down by hand?
Frustrating !!
I think I will go over them later on with the machine and one of the fancy stitches, this quilt will be washed over and over so I don't want the stitching to come undone.

The front view of it, after a lot of consideration I went for green sashing, also out of the scrap bag, the green one this time.
I tried really hard not to use the same colour twice. I have all the across bits cut ready to go as well.

This quilt has been hanging around for ages, the centre hung on my curtain, here beside me for ages, because I could not decide what came next.

Then when I finally got it completed, the quilting frame was not set up, so it hung around some more, and then when I set up the frame I only set it for two metres, so it would not fit on, finally last week I decided that enough was enough and extended the frame and finished this one off.

My son has claimed this one, but I am waiting for his 20th birthday to give it to him. It is huge, I can hold it off the ground, just if I stand on tiptoe. I have only put thick fleecy fabric on the back of this one, so nice and warm yet fairly light weight.

And last but definitely not least the rest of last years swap blocks from my forum. The photo does not do it justice, the colours are much nicer in real life. This one ended up on my bed last night because it has and is so cold here at the moment.


barb's creations said...

Lovely quilts Marg....sometimes it does take a while for them to be truely finished but when they are thet're definately worth the wait :) Barb.
P.S.My word verification is "Foevere" LOL

Gloria said...

Nice quilts Marg. I like the green sashing on the floor quilt ,that would have ben my choice too. stands out well.Sure it will be well loved.

Karen's Korner said...

Some great finishes there Marg - well done.

Vicki ♥ said...

Wow Marg you have been very busy and your quilts look fabulous :) hugs Vicki

Shirlwin said...

You have made lovely quilts!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilts! I've never done the quilt as you go, but if it involves hand stitching--not for me!

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