Monday, May 2, 2011

Still in a slump but.....

I just have no inspiration at the moment, and no inclination to do any sewing either. But I have managed to finish my bed runner/ table runner and get it quilted. The photo is a little washed out for some reason (must be the photographers fault) and I have also done a close up of the sashing, I discovered a use for all those fancy stitches on my machine. I sew the sashing to the back of the quilt and then stitch on the front.


RobynK said...

Lovely finish on the quilt. The 'washed' out photo seems to be caused as it looks like an overcast day and the sunlight angle has caused a 'shimmer' effect on your lens, like what happens when you photograph water scenes. Try to make sure your back is always to the sun, even when you can't see the sun, and 'fiddle' with your angles a bit till you've eliminated the effect. Lol, I'm a bit of a amateur photography nut!

Shirlwin said...

The completed quilt looks lovely:)
Methinks, simply as a way to gain inspiration, is to while away a few hours 'magazine gazing'.

Liz said...

Marg--I think it looks lovely. The colors are superb and the stitcing looks great.
Must be the cold weather has your inspiration.

Barb said...

I do hope you get your sewing mojo your bed runner, looks awesome!

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