Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Two Dollars worth of quilt

Last year while browsing at Vinnies I found some blue fabric all bits and also some bright yellow, it cost me $2 altogether, so after a little figuring I made it into a quilt. This is for my Poodles, they love getting under something warm at night, and I really don't like sharing with them, so now they have their own.

That is four of the quilts done, I have one more small one and then I will have to extend the frame or get very innovative


Samelia's Mum said...

What a great $2 spent! Your quilt looks great and I'm sure you pups will love it.

canuckquilter said...

That $2 was certainly put to good use. What a fun pattern.

sandra said...

What spoiled poodles!! It's lovely.

Isabella said...

I have to say NOTHING is too good for our furry friends and what a blessing $2.00 quilt top

Liz said...

Marg. What a fantastic find. A $2 well spent. Lucky dogs.A beautiful quilt.

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