Monday, December 21, 2009

Around the place

As some of you might know my youngest Daughter is in the States atm. It was her birthday on the 18th, and as she does not need more stuff to bring home she did not really get much of a pressie from us here in Australia. I rang her and spoke for a bit and then we were on MSN "talking" for quite a while. Just to remind her of what she is missing here we went round the house with the camera. I think she got a little homesick, where she is it is snowing. This is what it looked like here.


clare's craftroom said...

I'm sure those home photos would have made your daughter very homesick , especially after all the snow in UsA .

Sherri said...

In the past couple of days I've dreamt about really pretty green things two nights in a row, I decided this meant I missed all the green of home.
First night was a fish tank (with some weird lizard thing in it) that had a painted-on mosaic design around the bottom, in metallic paints. It basically copied what you would see through the glass but made it prettier - a line of greens that followed the "hills" of the moss inside the tank, with browns under that. I actually think this would be a good idea to do on one of Jamie's tanks.
Second night was something about corn plants that had people's DNA in them and they were growing hair for people. Or something. But the leaves were really pretty in the sunlight.

Margarita said...

I don't think you are dreaming of home Sherri, it is not green here at all on the hilss any more, we have some green grass in the back yard, but it is not that much. Maybe you miss the Bindi's

Sherri said...

Those pictures right there are green, much greener than anything I've got here.

moramargaritaster said...

Those photos would have made very happy to your daughter.

Wishing you agreat festive season and beggining 2010 filled with your family love.
Hope all your desires come true.
Merry Christmas!!

Jean said...

I don't know where she is, but here in Iowa, we are very jealous. We have had over 2 ft of snow so far and now it's freezing rain...yuck.

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