Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BOM swap.

I have joined yet another swap, a block of the month Mystery swap, where we make the block in our partners colour and receive one from another partner in our colour. I have decided to make two of everyone of them in the partners colour choice so that I will have two quilts. This is the one I made for myself, the one that went to Giana was exactly the same colouring except I swapped around the Brown and white.


Tozz said...

you are such a neat sewer Marg :) It is perfect!

Liz said...

As usual. Marg That is lovely

Debs said...

Marg, since I have been away, so to speak, with a sick computer you have done some amazing things. You are a beautiful sewer.

Margarita said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments, I get them all transferred to my email address, but have not as yet worked out whether I can reply to them from there.

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